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Find out about NAVHDA and search their data base for up coming tests across the nation and find a local chapter in your area. Also check out their data base for dogs tested from 2003  to present.  Type in De Jac’s for all our results.   Breeder Awards   Looking for a Navhda pedigree for do a Search here. 

Hit this site for our local chapter information for testing dates and contacts. Seminar and training days   A great place to find out how to train your hunting dog.   We will help you train your dog  - but we don’t do it for you. LINKS to Chapter contacts across north America and their web pages.

 We have found that Griffons are not very easy dogs to breed for one reason or another —our success can be attributed to the 4 steps to breeding program.

I litter pupWhat a Face!!

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Barbara Young Smith has put together an assume Griffon Data Base.   She has granted me permission to link her site—Thanks!

De Jac test results


You can do an easy search to verify OFA (hip) x-ray results just type in dogs name and breed. 

Kuranda Bed Information


We us the medium 35 x 23 size beds for our Griffons.